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Social media has been an important tool for many industries to reach the masses and the Fashion industry is one of them. Fashion PR utilises social media to get real-time and up-to-date news out to the public. As I had mentioned before, the Fashion industry is a fast paced industry because fashion is ever changing. The trends that are popular this week may be out of trend the next.

Fashion PR has to fight for their lives to employ as many social media that are relevant to their industry in order to get their news or products across to the public. PR Couture mentioned about the various mobile opportunities available for Fashion PR pros to use and promote a social media that is interactive with the public. Lockerz and Fashiolista are one of the few Fashion social media apps that are popular and can best reach a wide audience around the world. Lockerz and Fashiolista are interactive apps that allow users to share looks, brands, styles and items.

Fashion runway events such as the Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2012 and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia both utilise social media to promote the event and share all the looks on the runway. With the different social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram employed by the Fashion PR of these events, the Fashion shows were able to reach a worldwide audience which they can never reach physically.

In this 21st century, social media are always changing and improving, creating remediated new media that is much more sophisticated and advanced than its predecessors. Fashion PR has to find the best possible way to utilise the best social media for its product or news in order to reach their target audience.

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